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Global Trademarking

Going Global: Leveraging WIPO for Worldwide Trademark Protection

In today's interconnected world, as you aim for international business growth, you need to understand the impact of your intellectual property globally. While your Australian-registered trademarks offer local protection, they fall short in safeguarding your brand internationally. Trademark Heaven uses the Madrid System, run by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), fills this gap.

Australian Trademark Registration Limitations

Securing your trademark in Australia is critical for local protection but doesn’t extend abroad. For instance, your Australian-registered clothing brand could be used without permission in the U.S., leading to consumer confusion.

WIPO's Madrid System: Expanding Your Global Trademark Protection

The Madrid System offers a streamlined, cost-effective way to protect your trademark worldwide. By filing a single application with WIPO Trademark Heaven can cover up to 144 countries, avoiding multiple national filings. The benefits include Centralised management, Cost-efficiency and Streamlined registration.

The Importance of Global Trademark Coverage

In the global economy, securing international trademark protection is vital. A strong trademark Safeguards your brand reputation, Combats infringement and competition and Enables confident expansion. Secure your global trademark, talk to us.


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