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How Trademark Heaven Saves You Time and Money

The registration of a trade mark survives for ten years and can be renewed. The up front cost for a trade mark registration application may be regarded as expensive by some, is only A$70 or less a year for the ten years. This is a reasonable cost when considering your Intellectual Property Right (Asset) is protected by legislation.

Our slogan "Trademark Heaven saves you time and money" needs some explanation. How we save you 'time' doesn't really need too much explanation. Suffice to say, we work with trade marks and do the work for you, while you go about your business. Although, responding to "How we save you money", to a degree, also reflects on how we save to you time. So, how do we save you money. Trademark Heavens' first service offering is the Trademark Availability Report (TAR). The TAR endeavours to assess the potential success of the trade mark registration application. If you like, it seeks the due diligence of the potential trademark. Generally, the TAR, when completed, is between 3 to 5 pages and provides a metric for the potential success identifying any similarities that may create some confusion. Trademark Heavens' cost for this service is A$89. While this is a cost to the client, the saving is two-fold:

  1. The TAR may establish that the trade mark is already registered, therefore, saving the cost of the application to register a trade mark.

  2. If the clients choice is to contract Trademark Heaven to file the trade mark application to IP Australia, Trademark Heaven reduces the application and service fee by the A$89, therefore, redeeming the TAR payment.

Trademark Heaven offers a hybrid service, online trade mark processing in the comfort of your home or office, or in direct communications (phone or email) with our CEO Mark Davis LLM. Visit Trademark Heaven to understand us more.


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