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A little more about Trademark Heaven

We eliminate the risk of paying full trademarking fees by assessing databases available at IP Australia, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and other data indices.

Eliminate Risk

We are convinced trademarks are key when planning brand strategies to secure 'marks' by: (1) enhancing reputation; (2) brand recognition and security; (3) limiting the competition from developing barriers to your market entry; and (4) developing a trade asset.

Asset Mindset

Our unique 2-Step registration process saves you time and money. First, for a small fee, we will establish if the potential trademark is available. If the trademark is available, Trademark Heaven has reduced the full fee for the trademark registration application by $89, the cost of the Trademark Availability Report.


Trademark Heaven is based in Melbourne, Australia, with global recognition in trademark services and solutions. We have registered trademarks in Australia, the USA, Japan and many parts of SE Asia. All our international trademark registrations are processed through IP Australia, Australian Government, using the Madrid System for security and transparency.

Global Recognition

Trust is key to our reputation as a consequence of our continuous improvements to give outstanding customer service. Our differentiators in the market are Affordability (fixed fees), Transparency (continuous disclosure) and Service (it's all about trademarks for us).

Spotless Reputation

Trademark Heaven focuses on a single-service discipline, for us, it's all about trademarks - registrations, transfers, oppositions or infringements.

Brand Strategy

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Your trusted trademark adviser

based in Melbourne Australia

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