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Global Trademark Registration

Are you an Australian business looking to take your brand to international markets? Securing your trademark in overseas countries is a crucial step in protecting your intellectual property and ensuring your brand's success on a global scale. At Trademark Heaven, we specialise in helping Australian businesses navigate the complex world of international trademark registration with ease and confidence. We save you time and money.

Why Expand Your Trademark Overseas?

  1. Global Reach: Expanding your trademark overseas opens doors to new markets and customer bases, allowing your business to grow beyond Australian borders. 

  2. Brand Protection: Protecting your brand internationally safeguards it from potential infringers and counterfeiting, preserving your brand's reputation and value.

  3. Competitive Edge: A registered trademark gives you a competitive edge in international markets, as it establishes your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.


International IP Protection

Australian Businesses need to ensure their property is protected during borderless trade.

Our International Trademark Services

At Trademark Heaven, we offer comprehensive services to assist Australian businesses in securing trademarks overseas:

  1. Market Analysis: We conduct thorough research to identify the most promising international markets for your business, helping you prioritize where to register your trademark. 

  2. Trademark Availability Search: Our experts perform in-depth searches to ensure your proposed trademark is available in your chosen overseas markets, minimizing the risk of conflicts.

  3. Application and Filing: We handle all aspects of the application process, including filing applications with the relevant overseas trademark authorities, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

  4. International Trademark Strategies: We develop tailored strategies for protecting your trademark in multiple countries, taking into account your business goals and budget.

  5. Trademark Renewal and Maintenance: We provide ongoing support, ensuring your trademarks remain in force and protecting your brand's integrity over time.

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Securing Your Brand Worldwide

Establishing your brand globally safeguards its identity and ensures international recognition and protection.

Why Choose Trademark Heaven?

  1. Expertise: Our team of experienced trademark practitioners is well-versed in international trademark laws and procedures, guiding you through the complexities of overseas registration.

  2. Personalized Solutions: We understand that each business is unique. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

  3. Global Network: With our extensive network of international associates, we can seamlessly coordinate trademark registration in multiple countries, simplifying the process for you.

  4. Peace of Mind: Entrust your brand's international expansion to Trademark Heaven and rest easy knowing your intellectual property is in capable hands.

  5. Support for Small Businesses: We are dedicated to helping small Australian businesses thrive globally by providing affordable and accessible trademark services.

Expand your horizons and protect your brand's legacy with Trademark Heaven. Let us be your trusted partner in taking your Australian business to the world stage. Contact us today to start your international trademark journey.


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Besides choosing your trademark name, the trademark class is the only other complex matter for you to decide. Our CEO, Mark Davis LLM, believes that in most cases the trademark class can be determined by this application and the website.

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