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Our A$90 fee for Trademark Availability Report is redeemable.

Trademark Heaven often declares we Save you Time and Money. Two examples come to mind immediately. The first, if you opt-in to our Trademark Availability Report service, and we apply on your behalf to register the trademark the A$90 is redeemable (A$90 - A$600 = A$510). The second, if after receiving a Trademark Availability Report from Trademark Heaven you instruct us to apply for the trademark, and you receive an Adverse Report from an IP Examiner (preferring not to oppose the decision), Trademark Heaven will refund A$130 for the second phase of the application not undertaken (A$600 - A$90 - A$130).

Keep in mind that registered trade marks survive a minimum of 10 years, that equates to A$60 a year (not paid annually). That is a sound investment to protect your intellectual property.

Talk to Mark Davis, LLM for further explanation on 0414 060 044.


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