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Trademarks, the bottom line

Are trademarks necessary? The best way to answer this question is, are you OK with someone else using a word or logo that describes your business name and/or products. The term Intellectual Property Rights means just that, a right to something that belongs to you because of your intellectual initiative and/or ability to discover something unique.

How long does a trademark last? Forever if you want it to. Each registration period is 10 years. So, the first renewal gives you ownership of the word or logo for a period of 20 years.

What do I trademark? You could trademark many things that has not been trademarked already. Generally, trademarks consist of a word or logo relative to your business. For example, Trademark Heaven is trademarked along with a number of products. It gives the business owner a right to market and trade freely by relying on the intellectual right, protected by law.

Line of sight trademarks? This is the simple term I use to explain the most powerful way to use trademarks. The greatest impact is gained with a 'line of sight', that is, business name or logo XYZ, trademark name or logo XYZ, product name or logo a derivative or the same as XYZ. This is a great start to Brand Recognition.

How much does a trademark cost? This is a difficult 'bottom line' question, but a single trademark with a single class for the 10 years registration is between A$625 and A$750. Trademark Heaven's price is A$600, however, we encourage our customers to spend A$90 up front to assess if the trademark is available before committing to spending any further money. If the assessment by our experienced practitioners suggest the trademark is available the A$90 will be deducted from our trademark price of A$600. This equates to a balance of A$510 for the one trademark and one classification. Trademark Heaven is the cheapest and best in Australia, and we save you time and money.


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